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Gnarpurt bridge in flood of 14/1/ 2011


Weather now

An private automatic station at Glenview , 10km north east of Lismore gives weather now. And at Moloston, 10 km north west of ismore, and at Lismore.

(The Lismore site is sheltered so the wind measurement is less than in the surrounding area.)

Mount Porndon is 30 km to the south of Lismore, with a fire tower.

Mortlake BOM site shows a record of the readings.


Storm tracking

The BOM radar shows the storms of rain as they track over us now.

Weatherzone satellite view shows clouds and lightning with 1 hour delay. You can alter the settings below the map.

Wundermap satellite view shows clouds, rain, lightning, fires, for the whole world. The "Help" icon shows how. Save your own settings.



The Bureau of meterology gives S.W.Vic weather for the next 4 days.

Weatherzone does the same and with more colours for the next 7 days..

A Norwegian site gives a very good forecast for Lismore for 9 days or for 24 hours by the hour. Well worth a look.

28 day rainfall outlook from weatherzone is worth a look.


Seasonal Predictions

"The Break" newsletter from DPI gives a summary of predictions for the coming season. You can subscribe for email updates for free.

The DPI has a climate outlook site specific for many places in Victoria.The closest is for Hamilton. Click here for the climate outlook tool update and explanation.

The DPI has good information on climate change. and what drives victorian weather. (The"climate kelpies")

The BOM has a climate outlook page . It the outlook for the next 3 months.You can select rainfall, temperature, chance of el nino, and zoom in to Victoria. Good.



The BOM gives rainfall history for Derrinallum since 1898

The BOM gives rainfall history for Lismore (station 089018) since 1919

 The BOM gives recent daily rainfall for Lismore

Climate change

Long term 50 year predictions for Lismore climate are here.