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Website Changes

                                                                                        2016 Christmas street party.


2013 Christmas street party2013 Christmas street party


Recent changes to this website (most recent at the top)

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3/5/18  Added locations of defibrillators to the Health Centre page.


 1/5/18   Added some photos from the competition to the Photography Club page.


9/4/18    Added stone wall trail to the Tourism page


7/4/18    Added link to Skipton Community News on the Newsletter page.

18/2/18    Added a list of local Facebook groups to the Community Groups section

5/1/2018  Added the Vicfire despatch app to the CFA page

 28/11/17  Added water aerobics photo to Swimming Pool page.

 17/11/17  Updated the CFA page.

  9/10/17  Added photos of marker signs to the Discovery Trail page.

 30/9/17   Update the History menu and map of early history of each address.

 28/9/17  Add a link to the Lismore page on the 12Apostles web site. A link is also on the Tourism page.

 24/9/17    Update Dorothy's Historic Garment collection

17/9/17  Added photos of the Discovery Trail to the Tourism page.

 29/7/17  Added details of where Lismore is different to the rest of Australia on Census results.

 27/6/17  Added link to 2016 census results for Lismore at "Useful Links"


 26/6/17 Added a link on Angling club page "Lake Tooliorook & its Surrounds"


26/6/17  Corangamite Lakes Landcare Newsletter link included at


 22/6/17  Derri "News & Natter" is now also online at


21/6/17  Updated Lismore geology page.



10/6/17  Included a link to eBird in "Birds around Lismore"

10/6/17  Updated the newsletter for the Health Centre.

10/6/17   Made a  new link to "Lismore News" newsletters

30/5/17   Updated the map of trees around Lismore.

30/4/17   First post planted on Lismore Discovery Trail

29/4/17   New photo on Photography Club page.

 28/4/17  Update of the Lismore Cemetery on the Tourism page

26/4/17  Draft Council Plan released 2017 - 2021 on Shire and Utilities page.

6/4/17   New newsletter loaded to SW Community Health page.

12/3/17  Update

11/3/17  Update "coming events" page.

 17/12/16  Added street party to "Events past"

8/12/16   Added new details to the DLCA History Group page.

 8/12/16   Added Affordable Computing Solutions to the Business listings page.

 1/12/16   Added Classic Scramble page to Notice Board

 26/11/16  Added details of the closing of internet over telephone lines to Government /Utilities page. 

11/11/16   Added Remembrance Day photo to Past Events page.

11/11/16   Added Otto Gramms to the Lives page.

 8/11/16   Added august newsletter to History Group page

 2/11/16   Added the FCV booking sheet link to the Fire Brigade page.

1/11/16   Added Consumer Affairs and Scamwatch to the emergency numbers page.

 1/11/16  Added a scamwatch item to the Progress Association page

 1/10/16 Added BP Service Station 24 hr self-serve to "Business Listings".

21/8/16 Added security camera expo to "coming events"

 21/8/16 Added poster for Photography show to "coming events" and "photos"

6/8/16  Added a map of things to see in Lismore and a link to the Corangamite Town Walks booklet. All on the Discovery Trail page.

27/8/16 Added a link to the Lismore Plan Review 2016 in Government and Utilities 

9/7/16   Added Garden Event 27, 28 Aug to Coming events.

23/6/16  Added Dan Tehan photo to Past Events.

22/5/16  Added Shire draft budget to Government / Utilities page

17/4/16  Added a link to the Shire list of Lismore community group details in Community Groups.

15/4/16    Added The Mikado to Past Events

28/2/16  Added businesses for sale to Useful links/homes and farms for sale

26/2/16 Update the Tourism page and added to the Discovery Trail and Mikado pages.

17/2/16   Added a Lismore Discovery Trail page.

10/2/16 Added John Worrall to "Lives"

10/2/16 Added Mikado and Discovery Trail opening to "coming events".

2/1/16  Added John (Whoopy) Worrall funeral to "Past Events"

20/10 Added Fire info night on 4 Nov to the "Notice Board"

19/10 Added opening of walking trail bridge to "Past Events"

 18/10 Added a link to CFA local planned burns list. See if the smoke is supposed to be there!

18/10 Added cycle Classic photo to "Past events"

26/9 Changed "Coming Events" page contents and format.

25/9 This web site is moving to a different host. The layout will change slightly.

7/9 deleted many inactive web pages. "Contact us" if you want some reactivated.

26/8 Added obituary for Roy Drake. in "Lives"

16/8 added Discovery Trail opening to "Coming Events" page.

4/7  Added Photo show to "Past events" page, and "Facebook" .

27/6 Updated the "Events" page.

27/6 Updated a "Cemetery" page. in "Visit Lismore"

18/5 Gallipoli Oak dedicated at Lismore primary school. on "News" page.

15/5 added link to Shire draft budget on Shire and utilities page

28/4 Produced a map of the businesses and houses of early Lismore

25/4 Updated the "Lismore street trees" page

26/4 Added link to Brolga Recovery Group on "Birds around Lismore" page.

13/4  Added a garage sale to notices page.

11/4 Added a page of significant Lismore trees in the Nature section.

10/4 Added a page of soils, salinity, ground water depth in Nature section. 

4/3 Update Mahogony Computers page 

20/3 Listed Lismore Pharmacy in the Business Listings.

6/2 Update details for the NBN rollout.

5/2 Added Lismore Pharmacy page in Business Listings.

1/2 Added an article explaining how rainfall affects lakes water levels .

14/1 Added hints on cleaning fire overalls, standards of private firefighting  equipment to CFA page.

2/1/15 Update list of CFA channel frequencies and uploaded Motorola scanner manual. on Lismore CFA Brigade.