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Nature Notes

We are looking for more interesting wildlife items for this section.

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Dec 2013. A local found the "animal" below in his farm dam. It seems to be a female "fairy shrimp".

This is a poor photo from a video of it, but it is possible to see the eyes,long feelers, gills underneith, darker egg sack, and a long forked tail.  





Burrow of the spotted pardalote.

Male spotted pardalote July and August 2010


The New Holland honey eaters  started mating in early Spring they prefer bottle brush and other scrub like plants for nesting.



The New Holland Honey eaters are quite agressive many of the smaller native birds avoid them.

Silvereyes are very pretty little native birds. They are insect and berry eaters.

Silvereyes love cherry plums. Lismore gardeners regard cherry plum trees as

either a blessing or a curse as they pop up every where the birds drop the seeds.