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Lismore District Wildlife










(Part of a group of 50 brolgas on the Carranballac Rd)

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Growling Grass Frog (Litoria raniformis) Copyright Wildlife Profiles. Photograph by Peter Robertson.

Frog identification and calls click here



A list of all Victorian birds is "Birds in backyards" . It has a photo, distribution and habits. Choose a list order of common name or scientific name.

Choose your bird and click on it for more details. Some also have their calls.

This site is linked to Birds Australia.

Click here for a list of possible local sitings (to be confirmed)



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Australian long necked tortoise is widespread on the lighter soils of the area.

They are descended from turtles which existed over 200 million years ago.

click here for a basic description from "Unique australian animals"

click here for instructions on caring for bought tortoises in captivity. 

click here for a scientific article on their life cycle from Aust National University.



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Yabbies are widespread on the clay swamps and in dams. Various forms have been in Australia for over 100 million years.

click here for a DPI article

click here for photos of similar species.

click here for an article saying they were here 115million years ago.

Native fish

Common Galaxias.

Dwarf galaxias.

Carp (a pest)

Mosquito fish (a pest)


Native Grasslands

This section is still being developed


Corangamite catchment survey

Survey of the natural resources of the Lake Corangamite catchment click here.

Survey of the Mount Elephant area click here

Map of local native flora and fauna click here