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Dying Cyprus

There are plenty of dying cyprus.  Samples of bark and grubs have been sent to DEPI for identification. This may take maybe several months. (February2014?)

Meanwhile if anybody sees beetles on the trees contact Rod or Shari at Lismore Landcare, or "contact us" at the top of this page.

Many healthy cyprus have some grub tracks under the bark but healthy branches seem to "drown" them with sap. For some reason this has stopped happening.

Grub tracks are in previous years often seen on lower branches of otherwise healthy cyprus. These only are where there is little sunlight and thus restricted sap movement to kill the grubs.

Cyprus dying in Williams St, Lismore


This is a grub from under the bark. There are similar grubs in most branches.

Grub. Click here for a Link to an article about a similar grub.

Click here for another article.


Above: Flat headed borer (jewel beetle?) grub tracks in a "healthy" branch.

They may be a species of jewel beetle. The female of some jewel beetles do not fly. This may be why trees die in patches.



Above: Cyprus trees are dying throughout the district. These are near Derri P12 college.

Cause is not certain. Suspects are:

1. cyprus canker (Seridium)


2. Possibly also cyprus bark beetle (Phloeosinus sp.)

above: grubs of cyprus bark beetle (?) on Deep Lake Rd near Derri Bowls club

Above: more of the cyprus bark beetle (?) on Deep Lake Rd. These are different to the jewel beetle in the Lismore photos.

Above: cyprus borer killing individual branches, Lismore golf club.

Above: Cyprus in Lismore with infected bark around the grub tunnels.

This may be cyprus canker which entered through the grub holes.


Click here for an article on the cyprus deaths posted by the Colac Herald.