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Bird List

Wetlands    numbers  Date  By  comments
Lathams snipe    few  11/14  hc  Leslie Manor
whiskered tern    few  11/14  hc  
black tailed swamp hen    few  11/14  hc  
sharp tailed sandpiper      11/14  hc  
red necked avocet    4  11/14  cpl  farm dam
pied stilts    100  9/14  hc  l.tooliorook
red kneed dotteral    30  9/14    
hoary headed grebe      9/14    
pink eared duck      9/14    
coots with chicks      9/14    
Blue winged shoveller      26/12/14  BMcI  L.Tooliorook
musk duck          
grey teal          
whiskered tern          
sharp tailed sandpiper          
eastern gret egret          
cape Barren goose          
Glossy Ibis    1  1/2015  RH  Leslie Manor dd