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Soldier Settler Names on Each Settlement Block

Larra Estate

Settled 1947

B.McLeod (Stonyfold), J.Wareham (Becharee), A. McGregor (Glen Robbie), A.Cameron (Afton), A.Lewis (Eden Brows), D.Welding (Larra Lea), L.Henderson (Broadacres), B.French (Pinnaroo), A.Burns (Silverlea), A.Gellie (Nankidor), W.Hurry, T.Albert, G.Anderson (Morianda), K.Stewart (Springfield).

Ettrick Estate 

RJC Steele, RJ Webster, RV O'Byrne, AM White, HI Cameron, JAC Steele, NI McErvale, JR Quarrell, D McDonald, RL Larmour, IC Curtis, HJ Adcock, DC Oman, TD Gellie.

Gnarpurt Estate.

JFD Wager, P.Davey, FH Baker, L.Appleby (later LW McBean),  AA McIntyre, SA Murphy.

Gala Estate

RC Lloyd, WP Heath, T.Liston, JT Corlette, IG Robertson,

Terrinallum Estate

J&I Carlon, J&E Anderson, P&H Mitchell, J&F Cureton, S&N Anderson, A&H Horan, J&E Hodge, R&J Nicholls,  K&P May, F Stone, T&L Cranwell, J&M Boal.

Settlement areas further west.

(There is a full list of occupants on the plaque at the Darlington hall)

Barnie Bolac, Cloven Hills, Geddies and Morrisons, Jellalabad, Mount Fyans, Stokies, Myrngrong, Terrinallum South, Trebine.