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Telephone and internet.

NBN was available in Lismore from April 2015.

Here this is "fixed wireless broadband" which is a small diamond shape panel on the roof which talks to a tower opposite the golf club.

It works for all Lismore and farms within about 6km line of sight of the tower.

Other farms may have to use "skymesh" which is a dish on the roof which talks to a satellite. There are teething problems with this which Telstra is working on.

It is possible to install a "VOIP" telephone which works through the internet.

Each of these systems have different providers and prices so you have to ask your neighbour and shop around.

The old copper phone lines will continue but may get less reliable.


Click here for a NBN map of their coverage for fixed wireless broadband and satellite. (You have to zoom in to Lismore).

Click here for the NBN description of all this.

Click here to see more local details.