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Paterson's Curse Control Group

This group was formed in December 2012 to help landowners control the spread of paterson's curse.

This weed is poisonous to horses and pigs, it reduces stocking rate, and reduces land value.

We hope to provide facts about the plant and why it spreads so well.

Also facts on how to spray it, and we may be able to arrange spray contractors.

Also we hope to get hold of some biological control beetles to release.

It is easy to see when it flowers in spring time.

Remember those places to spray in winter when it is less obvious.

Contact the LLPG if you wish to control your paterson's curse.

To do nothing is the most expensive option.

More information in these leaflets:

Control of paterson's curse Download leaflet from DPI.

Chemicals for patersons curse Leaflet from WA Dept Agriculture

Biological contro l leaflet from CSIRO