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April           Our RAMSAR lakes                          Why are they important?                        What future for the lakes?                Young Farmers' Scholarship Program

March        Blue green algae closes lakes            Improving Mt Emu Creek habitat          Leslie Manor revegetation plantings

Feb            North-South woodland corridor          Weed threat increasing                         Post harvest stubble management

Index: 2017  

Dec           African Weed Orchid threat             Mount Emu Creek action update        Daylesford trip itinerary                       Managing stubbles trial update

Nov          John and Bev's Brolga habitat.           Skipton platypus survey                   Volcanic plains wetlands                     Effects of climate change are here now.

Oct            Change to Leslie Manor landscape in 25 years                                          Threats to volcanic plains wildflowers

Sept           Skipton platypus survey                   Importance of honey bees and their threats.

August     Mid season nitrogen application        What's driving the winter weather?    Coming AGM

July:         Migration pathways. Pink Lake,         Pura brolga habitat.                          Stubble management field day walk 19 July. Platypus talk 21 July.

June:        "Have a crack" awards.                     Birds of Prey .                                   Stubble digesters.

May           Yarra pygmy perch survey               Dunnart sightings                              Larsen C iceshelf

April           Stubble incorporation trial                Calicivirus release                        

March        Calicivirus                                          Mount Elephant grassland               Bringing back the banksias

February    Shelterbelts are land lost or gained?    Put poly underground                  Yarra pygmy perch

Dec 2016   30th Anniversary awards                Classifications of noxious weeds        How can stubbles improve soil health?