Lismore CFA Fire Brigade and Ambulance Victoria.


If you have a fire: Ring .000 They will ask you for your street address.

Stubble Burning Workshop

Held at Lismore on 11/8/2015. Click on the titles to download the presentations.(You may have to click on the download to open it.)

 Farmer practices.   Chris Lang, farmer

Worksafe investigation   Lyall Bond, Corangamite Shire.

Permit process         Sharna Whitehand, Corangamite Shire

Stubble Burning Investigation   Mortlake Police 



Click here for CFA Act 1958 (with amendments July 2011)

Click here for CFA Regulations 2014 (mainly functions of Brigades)

Fire restrictions lift in May, but may be earlier. However if you plan to make a lot of smoke please tell your neighbours, your brigade captain (Ian Marquand .0409973685) and also Vicfire .1800668511. Otherwise you will have a lot of fire trucks in your yard. 

The Summary Offences Act 1966 governs the conditions that you can light fires and stubble in the open air outside the fire restrictions period. (If it does not download you may have to google the sand download it. It is paragraph 11 on page 18.)

Current fires

Track running fires: Click here to look at a satellite 12 hour update of fire hot spots. Select "Current hot spots" and zoom in to Victoria.

Also Click here for a map of running fires. In the box "edit filters and map layers" select "incident perimeters" This will show the outline of forest fires, and sometimes of CFA fire.

Click here for CFA on twitter for updates on fires and incidents

Click here for CFA on Facebook for more updates and gossip

Click here for FireReady App for iPhone showing current fires.  Details of the App are here. Download from the iTunes store.


Click here for instruction manual for the new Tait radios.

Click here for instructions for motorola listening sets.

Frequency of Lismore Group Ch 60 is 163.3375 m/c

Click here for a complete list of channel frequencies.

Click here for PPE (Protective overalls) care and maintenance. Washing, etc. (May need to log into the CFA Online website.)

Click here for "Operating Private Equipment at Fires" 2004. Section 2.8, 2.9, 2.10 (page 12-13) and section 4 (pages 66 and 67)  are the relevant ones. 


There is also room for an ambulance.

Local ambulance volunteers are looking for more members. You can help!



Local fire news

We hope to keep this web map page updated to notify the public of planned burnoffs, and give prograss reports of any smaller fires and incidents.

We also plan to keep a map of raised beds and firebreaks updated for ready reference.

History of earlier fires.

There have been many fires over the years.

This map shows where some early fires have burned.(Click on any of the fires listed on the left of the map screen to bring up the details) 

Click here for a map of the fires of 12 Feb 1977 in the Lismore Group area..(Click on the fire or the legend to the left to show the details at that time).

(**For some of the reports listed below CFA members will have to log in when prompted to CFA Online.)

Click here for some "lessons from fires past" workshop at Streatham in 2013

A summary of major bush fires in Australia since 1851 by Romsey Australia.

Major bush fires in Victoria by Forest Science Centre.(Link now lost)

Account of the 12 Feb 1977 Fires around Lismore  by CSIRO McArthur, Cheney, and Barber,**

Fires of 12 Feb 1977 by CSIRO booklet for sale.

16 Feb 1983 Ash Wednesday Fires (Otways start on page 13)**

25 May 2006 Rail acciden t Transport Commission Report

Major bushfires of Victoria by DSE, with links to maps and photos(Link now lost)

Implementing the government's response to the 2009 bushfires Royal Commission

2009 fires Royal Commission final report.

Report of 2009 Pomborneit-Weerite fire   Royal Commission Report, ch.8.

Account of the Streatham fires 12 feb 1977 by Colin McKenzie

Board of Inquiry into Fires of 12 Feb 1977 by Sir Esler Barber QC.

Report of 11 Jan 2005 Carranballac fire .**

You can help!

We are looking for firefighters! It is an interesting activity. You learn lots of skills.  We would be pleased to hear from you.

Ring Malcolm: .55962207

We also need administrators.  People to use phones, keep a record, update a map, monitor a radio, etc. You would be in the fire station and do not need to be active or fit.

Ring Chris: .55962014   mobile: .0408547015


Mingay fire station opening August 2011



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